Jack Frost - CBG Hemp Flower

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Jack Frost CBG Hemp Flower 

Jack Frost can be nipping at your nose all year round with this flower. This strain is the ultimate herb for fighting against distress. This sativa-dominant hybrid will tantalize your taste buds, with its delicate flavor profile. Upon exhaling, the scent of hops and pine will remind you of a refreshing mountain breeze, as you fill your mind with ease. Being best known for its fuzzy white glittering trichomes, Jack Frost lives up to its namesake of covering each bud in a crystal snow-like fashion. Jack Frost is truly a unique sight to see, and visually creates an automatic sense of satisfaction for the user to be intrigued with. With its contrasting bright orange terpenes, Jack Frost's flavor experience delivers a mouthful - by combining citrus fruits, with a backdrop of earthy goodness. The body of the flower is rather large and is less sticky to the touch. Be careful when handling, this flower is delicate, and fragile for those who are looking to take their bud on the run.   


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