Girl Scout Cookies - Delta-8 Hemp Flower

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Girl Scout Cookies 

Delta-8 Hybrid Hemp Flower

Name so sweet, you can’t wait to eat? We’ve one-upped the cookie competition with this Girl Scout Cookie Flower. This delectable indica-dominant dessert strain will leave your mouth watering after every hit - with the taste of sweet chocolate, sugar, and earthy citrus. Don’t be fooled by its sweetness, this strain is predominantly potent, and can potentially lead to a sedative high. This strain is visually unique, with its mango-orange hairs entangled with purple-hued buds. Girl Scout Cookies has been said to truly embody the flavor of baked goods - with hints of brown sugar and spices like nutmeg, chocolate, and mint. This strain is recommended to be enjoyed in the company of others. So why not share a cookie?     


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