Blueberry Gelato - 3:1 D8+CBG Vape Cart

Blueberry Gelato - 3:1 D8+CBG Vape Cart

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Blueberry Gelato

3:1 D8+CBG Vape Cart

Awaken your senses, with our Exclusive Hemp Blueberry Gelato 3:1 vape cartridges. For enhanced medicinal effects, this indica-dominant hybrid strain combines 3 parts Delta-8 THC with 1 part CBG - ideal for consumers who enjoy a little mental stimulation. Aside from its potency, this cartridge's terpene profile pleases the taste buds with its fruity flavor - ripe blueberries and decadent vanilla, topped off with aromatic undertones of the deep earth. After one hit, you’ll be craving this cartridge!   


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