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World-class cannabis is paired with first-class service at Delta 8 Factory. In addition, we emphasize cannabis education and guide for anyone to explore what’s possible.

Our Flight Crew takes shopping at Delta 8 Factory to new heights. They’re your in-flight guides – expert budtenders here for personal consultations to product recommendations. From arrival to departure, we’ve got your dispensary needs on lock.

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We Know It, Because We Grow It

Delta 8 Factory’s new flower brand The Cannabis Shop is premium, small-batch flower – harvested at the peak of flavor. Leveraging over a decade of cannabis cultivation experience, The Cannabis Shop features terpene-forward, hand-trimmed big buds and supreme quality infused pre-rolls, concentrates and more.

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Our favorite sponsored cannabis brands inspire the Delta 8 Factory community to seek out their next big adventure with the best quality weed in tow.

We’re seekers, doers, and explorers. We live life to the fullest and give back to the earth as much as possible.

Fly with us and discover that High is a Place at our California dispensary.

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Get a flying start with the latest news, guides to using cannabis and recommended products!

Alabama: Legality of Delta-8

Attempting to learn the ins-and-outs of Delta-8? Or seeking to know whether its legal to use in Alabama? You’re not the only one. Since Delta-8’s...

Is Delta-8 Legal in Texas?

Everyday, “cannabis” is coming closer and closer to being a daily used name across the United States. So if you’re new to the market, it’s...

CBD Legality in Italy

We all know Italy is world-renowned for its pizza and pasta… But how about its CBD? Though hemp once thrived in Italy, it has shifted...

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